Solution 2000/3000 – Update Firmware for B450-M

Currently the latest Firmware version for B450-M is 3.10.030. (see attachment)

Please follow below steps on updating the Firmware version on B450-M.

  • Set up USB configuration

Male A to Male A cable required
USB configuration requires a Male A to Male A cable.
Use the USB connection for configuration or diagnostics only. Disconnect the cable when not in use.

Getting the USB driver and Tera Term
Please download the required files from below web page:

Go to the Software Downloads tab. Click the link for the driver and Tera Term. Save the file to the computer. 

Get started
Installing the RBUS1CP.inf file USB driver
1. Install the RBUS1CP.inf file onto the connected computer.
2. Open Device Manager to make sure that the INF file installed and shows in the Ports (COMM & LPT) section.

Installing Tera Term
1. On the connected computer, navigate to the Tera Term file from the zip downloaded from the website.
2. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard until the Select Components page of the wizard. Select Compact installation from the drop-down list.

3. Follow the remaining prompts.

Configuring the Tera Term interface
1. Open Tera Term. The Tera Term window opens.

2. From the menu bar, select Setup > Terminal. The Terminal Setup window opens.

3. In the New-line section, select LF from the Receive drop-down list. Click OK.
4. From the menu bar, select Setup > Save Setup. A dialog box appears.
5. Click Save to overwrite the existing TERATERM.INI file. Tera Term stores the new setting for future Tera Term sessions.

Logging into the module
1. Remove the B450-M from the control panel and remove the cell card from the B450-M.

2. Connect the USB cable to the module.
3. Connect the USB cable to the computer.
4. Open Tera Term. The New connection dialog box opens.

5. From the Serial Port drop-down list, select the module (for example, Port: COM7: B450[COM7]).
6. Click OK. Tera Term connects.
7. Press [Enter]. A windows appears with a request to enter the passcode.

8. Enter the password (default is B450) and press [Enter]. The USB main page opens.

Log in troubleshooting
The default password is case-sensitive. Verify the password for case-sensitivity when entering.
The user interface allows three attempts to enter the password correctly. After three failed attempts, Tera Term shows a Too many attempts error message, and is idle for 30 seconds.

Module home page
The module home page in Tera Term opens when you do one of the following:
– Log in.
– Press [Enter] before you enter a number for a menu (for example, 3 for Basic Configuration).
– Exit a menu.
The home page includes four important sections.

  • Firmware updates

You can send firmware updates through the USB interface. Use Tera Term. Update to the most recent version on the module web page.

Sending a firmware update


Please remove SIM card from B443 and set the address to be 0 on B450-M.

1. Make sure that the computer and the module are connected and can communicate.
2. From Windows, start Tera Term.
3. Log into the USB interface. The B450 USB login window appears, listing the current software version and build.
4. Select option 7 and press [Enter].

Once you press [Enter], the module begins a 90-second timer as it waits for the firmware
File Transfer XMODEM Send process to begin. If the transfer process takes longer than 90 seconds to locate the file and begin the send process, the menu times out, and you must begin the update process again.

5. From the Tera Term main menu, select File>Transfer>XMODEM>Send.

6. In the XMODEM Send window, navigate to the folder location and select the firmware update software you downloaded. The file ends in *.kfw extension.

7. Click Open to start the firmware update. The Tera Term: XMODEM Send dialog box opens and indicates the update process.

8. When the file transfer completes, the Tera Term: XMODEM Send dialog box closes. The Tera Term window shows a message “Please wait until the module finish rebooting.”

Notice!  Do not power off the module during this phase. Powering off might cause permanent damage to the B450-M. 

9. Close the Tera Term session, and relaunch Tera Term.

10. Log into Tera Term to reestablish the connection. The Tera Term window shows a message about Firmware version “”.  Have a double check on the FW to make sure it is the new one.

11. Disconnect B450-M from the control panel. Set the device address as required for the configuration in use. Insert the SIM card.
12. Reconnect the B450-M to the control panel.

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