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Physical Address: 5/48 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011


I moved from a country where security in some form or another is a necessity (South Africa), to a place where I was told I didn’t need security (New Zealand). I have a background in Network Infrastructure and Administration. Having worked in the security industry for over five years providing technical training, support and pre-sales across mixed security environments, I am able to use my technical background and product knowledge to offer customers project specific solutions and alternatives where needed. In true ‘Saffa’ style I live on the North Shore with my beautiful wife and daughter, where we spend our weekends exploring beaches, walking trails and bike tracks across New Zealand.


By joining CSP, I have added an indispensable and passionate Chinese element to the internationalisation of the company. My job is to source and import leading-edge, highly technical and cost-effective security products from China. I also provide top quality security solutions, after-sale services and technical advice to Asian customers living in New Zealand. I enjoy interacting with my compatriots in this foreign country, supporting and helping meet their business needs. I also love the knowledge and challenges I face every day – in particular I enjoy the atmosphere at CSP: passionate, happy and warm. I very much enjoy living in this simple country with quiet life and stunning scenery.


I started out as an apprentice Security Technician working on projects in Christchurch and Auckland, before moving into a Sales role within commercial security. I loved supplying complete turn-key solutions for customers, and worked on both large and small projects. Last year I made the switch to the other side of the fence (wholesale), and it has been an eye-opening experience to see how things operate in wholesale compared to installation. The best thing about this industry is that it is always changing and there is the continuing challenge of sourcing full solutions for my customers. In my spare time you will either find me at the pub or somewhere out of Auckland. 


I have worked with the Connect Security Products team for over five years; servicing accounts within the Northern Region (Gisborne through to KeriKeri). My role includes providing quotations, delivering training, visiting sites and providing on-going relationship and sales support for my customers, who I care passionately about. I enjoy travel, socialising
and meeting new people which – fortunately – comes with the job. If I’m not swimming, fishing or spinning a yarn over coffee, then I’m probably working. During my time at CSP I have had the opportunity to take leave and travel the world, relocate to Waihi Beach in the sunny Bay of Plenty and start a wee family with my partner. Most of 2020 has been taken up by maternity leave, but I am now enjoying being back on board and juggling the working world with motherhood.


Prior to joining Connect Security Products I was a Network Design Engineer for some of the largest wholesale telco network providers in New Zealand. In 2017 I completed an MBA from Victoria University where I wrote a case study on Multi-Meshed Supply Chains in NZ Telecommunications. I find this topic very interesting, learning how to (and how not to) successfully manage supply chains. I thrive on finding and developing solutions that help businesses succeed – and I joined Connect Security Products because they are, too. In my spare time I like to play guitar, golf, fish… I love to cook and run a hot charcoal BBQ any chance I get.


After leaving school in Australia, I joined the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Federal Police before getting into the electronic security industry as a Security Technician. I jumped the Tasman to reside permanently in New Zealand where I continued in the electronic security world. I have held varying roles ranging from Security Technician, Technical Sales, Sales Management and General Manager of a multi-national security company. I am passionate about working within the NZ electronic security industry and have a hands-on approach with our large customer base. Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar and spending time with family.


I have worked in the security industry since leaving high school – the last 20 years have been in wholesale. I love bringing leading electronic Security, Access Control and CCTV solutions to the market, and welcome the challenges of working with state-of-the-art technologies.  28 years ago I immigrated to Christchurch though have declined the operation to get one eye removed as I am still an avid supporter of Mighty Waikato rugby. In my spare time I enjoy jumping on my mountain bike and smashing the trails (sometimes literally) and watching motor sport. I have a very lovely, understanding wife and two beautiful grown-up children, and am anticipating the tiny pitter-patter of a new generation of humans running around the house.


I work out of Connect Security Products Christchurch Branch where I help our customers become better technicians by advising on system and installation requirements. Before that I was ‘on the tools’ for 15 years and have installed most Security and CCTV systems in industrial and domestic applications. My family and I emigrated from Newcastle, South Africa in 2001 and I’ve spent most of my time since then in Christchurch. I am married with a young family and my hobbies include tramping and camping, tinkering with electronics and metal work.


I joined Connect Security Products to improve my technical skills. Before CSP, I gained customer service experience working with Vodafone. I like to resolve customer problems and come up with solutions. Apart from work, I like to draw and paint, and am learning our cultural dance (Bhangra) – I’m from India. I love the atmosphere at CSP, my Customers, and the friendly and supportive staff. The best thing I like about my this role is every day I learn something new!


Before joining Connect Security Products, I worked in retail management for more than five years. I graduated in Electronics in 2013 and always missed the technical side of things, but my passion for customer service kept me going. I love talking to people, and enjoy working in a challenging environment. Moving from Auckland to Wellington recently gave me the opportunity to change career and go back to my electronic roots, and CSP provided me with a great opportunity to enhance my skills. In my free time, I like to cook, read books and hike across NZ trails.  


I work part-time for Connect Security Products, where I occasionally break the IT systems so I can then fix them and save the day (to be honest, this probably only works half the time). My background in IT extends back 15 years, during which I have worked in technical roles for Spark, Vodafone and Windcave. Between reading IT forums and googling what ‘Active Directory’ is, I look after Connect’s internal IT infrastructure and the services we provide such as SIM cards and the AlarmLink SMS Notification service. In my spare time, I like to run and travel.

TAMMY Goodman

I come from a country where our President has 21 children and just as many wives… if you guessed South Africa, you guessed correctly. I live a double agent life: developing a professional career with Connect Security Products on one hand and being a mom on the other. This means I have extensive experience in negotiating with a toddler, jumping on the trampoline and reciting the first two lines of nursery rhymes – along with managing accounts and office duties. I have over ten years’ experience as a Bookkeeper/Office Manager for companies whose operations range from Financial to Mining and am enjoying being based in New Zealand with Connect Security Products.


I recently joined CSP as Accounts Administrator for maternity leave cover. Prior to that I  worked as an Assistant Accountant in an Air Conditioning company where I was responsible for a variety of duties from daily bookkeeping to filing tax returns. Now at CSP, I am looking forward to enhancing my skills and gaining valuable experience in my field. I love working with the passionate and wonderful team at CSP. Accounts aside, I like painting and going out with my family and friends, and I am enjoying living in NZ with my husband.


I am currently studying a conjoint degree of a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and a Bachelor of Business double majoring in Economics and Finance at Auckland University of Technology. I began working at Connect Security Products during my first year of university and have enjoyed learning about the integration of social media into a business and the ways to advance social media presence to better our engagement with customers. In my spare time I train in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and am a big UFC fan!


I began working with Connect Security Systems (then Detection Systems) in 1998, when I had a full head of hair – diagnosed at birth as a ginger, I am not sure there is a known cure. Starting as a packing boy with general duties, I worked for EDM NZ Ltd, then Bosch Security Systems, and now manage logistics and stores at CSP. Raised in South Auckland, I have resided in West Auckland for over ten years where I have one wife, four children, six grandchildren and six goldfish. I am an avid V8 supercars fan but wherever possible, my interest goes into two-wheeled machines. I inherited a Yamaha Virago 1100 and am the proud owner of a 350w E-bike: no more Auckland parking means I am never late to work (apart from the odd flat tyre).


I’m new to the Connect Security Products team and looking forward to learning more about the security industry. I have a strong background in procurement, inwards goods, stock control and customer service. I also know way too much about the liquor industry [from a previous job!] and am known to indulge in a buttery Chardonnay or two. Much like Jason Thomas, I am a V8 supercar fan – however, unlike Jason, I am an avid fan of the Ford blue oval.


I have had the privilege to work for several reputable companies, both in New Zealand and overseas. A lengthy employ with the Goodman Fielder Wattie group schooled me in accounting and finance, and left me with a lifetime love of fresh ice-cream. PricewaterhouseCoopers in London introduced me to the install and application of large enterprise resource planning systems such as Oracle. Returning to New Zealand, I worked for Connect Security Products on and off for six years before permanently committing to a role as General Manager. My life is filled with many loves; my two beautiful boys, ridiculously cute dog, my job… and running in New Zealand’s stunning backcountry.


I have been actively involved in the electronic security industry since 1992, after completing an apprenticeship as an electrician. My career commenced when I started an electronic security integration company at aged 20 before selling it to a national integrator and moving to Auckland to start Security Systems, importing and distributing Detection Systems product. This company was partially acquired by Detections Systems in 1999, and subsequently Bosch in 2001. Between 2001-2010, I managed the Bosch Security business in New Zealand and was appointed a director for the entire Robert Bosch business in this country. In 2010 I acquired the business back from Bosch and Connect Security Products was born. 

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