Ian Quan

I’m a competent and determined person who has the knowledge of a B2B account & project management. After graduating from Texas A&M University with 5 years studying and working experience, I decided to take a step further to explore more possibilities in New Zealand. I started as a project manager in LED lighting business and worked with the designer and architect to provide lighting solutions for clients. Sooner I switched roles as senior account manager to look after key accounts in all matters. Overseeing lighting, switch gears, intercom CCTV and power supply sales in the past 2.5 years, I have a deep understanding of the industries and products, which makes me well fit with Connect. As a bilingual, I’m fluent in both English and Mandarin. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, and listening some rock bands.

Jesse McCormick

I started out as an apprentice Security Technician working on projects in Christchurch and Auckland, before moving into a Sales role within commercial security. I loved supplying complete turn-key solutions for customers, and worked on both large and small projects. Last year I made the switch to the other side of the fence (wholesale), and it has been an eye-opening experience to see how things operate in wholesale compared to installation. The best thing about this industry is that it is always changing and there is the continuing challenge of sourcing full solutions for my customers. In my spare time you will either find me at the pub or somewhere out of Auckland.

Paul Ross

After leaving school in Australia, I joined the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Federal Police before getting into the electronic security industry as a Security Technician. I jumped the Tasman to reside permanently in New Zealand where I continued in the electronic security world. I have held varying roles ranging from Security Technician, Technical Sales, Sales Management and General Manager of a multi-national security company. I am passionate about working within the NZ electronic security industry and have a hands-on approach with our large customer base. Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar and spending time with family.

Brent Stokes

I have worked in the security industry since leaving high school – the last 20 years have been in wholesale. I love bringing leading electronic Security, Access Control and CCTV solutions to the market, and welcome the challenges of working with state-of-the-art technologies.  28 years ago I immigrated to Christchurch though have declined the operation to get one eye removed as I am still an avid supporter of Mighty Waikato rugby. In my spare time I enjoy jumping on my mountain bike and smashing the trails (sometimes literally) and watching motor sport. I have a very lovely, understanding wife and two beautiful grown-up children, and am anticipating the tiny pitter-patter of a new generation of humans running around the house.

Brent Fick

I work out of Connect Security Products Auckland Branch where I help our customers become better technicians by advising on system and installation requirements. Before that I was ‘on the tools’ for 15 years and have installed most Security and CCTV systems in industrial and domestic applications. My family and I emigrated from Newcastle, South Africa in 2001 and I’ve spent most of my time since then in Christchurch. I am married with a young family and my hobbies include tramping and camping, tinkering with electronics and metal work.

Mark Watson

After 20 years of crawling in the roofs and attending the “on your way home” service calls I joined the team at CSP. My role here is to assist from design to completion, in the branch, on site, in the classroom or on the phone I am here to get you and your technicians up to speed with everything CSP. I have an uncanny ability to memorise Bosch programming locations and can programme a 3000 panel in under 30 seconds, which either shows my dedication to my craft or a wasted youth ! Winter weekends are my happy place, watching my boys play football, racing across town to play football and finally getting up at some silly hour of the morning to watch my beloved NEWCASTLE UTD live on the tele. Always up for a laugh (usually at my expense) and a couple of quiet drink with friends and family.

Khamis Ngawaka

I have been in the security industry for around 28 years. For most of those years I had been with one company where I started as an installer and worked my way through faults, maintenance, access control, CCTV, intercom, auto gates, barrier arms, electric fences, management, sales and technical training and support, and the list goes on. After 22 years with this company, I’ve decided I needed a new challenge and have joined Connect / Dicker Data to see if I can learn something new while sharing my knowledge of experience during my time in the security installation industry. I have a wonderful partner and two young children and spend most of my time chasing after these two. Apart from watching my son play ripper rugby, when the opportunity arises, watching rugby, motorsport on the big screen and occasionally participating in the odd sim race.

David Murray

I have recently immigrated with my wife and twin daughters from sunny South Africa.  I had an introduction into the working environment by starting off in the construction industry and building roads and all the facets of that game.  A few years later, an opportunity arose and knowing absolutely nothing about cameras and electric fencing, I got my first taste of what I’d be doing for the next 12 years,  and I’ve been tinkering around in the security industry since then and never looked back. I closed up the shop, moved to New Zealand and the lovely people at CSP have given me the opportunity to take on the technical matters in the Wellington branch. When in idle mode, although I have taken an indefinite sabbatical from Pipe Band Drumming, I also do enjoy taking my mtb bike out and hitting the trails.

Liam Mackie

I work part-time for Connect, where I occasionally break the IT systems so I can then fix them and save the day (to be honest, this probably only works half the time). My background in IT extends back 15 years, during which I have worked in technical roles for Spark, Vodafone and Windcave. Between reading IT forums and googling what ‘Active Directory’ is, I look after Connect’s internal IT infrastructure and the services we provide such as SIM cards and the AlarmLink SMS Notification service. In my spare time, I like to run and travel.

Debbie Cannon

I joined the Connect team to oversee the marketing and communications for the company. With a degree in Marketing and a passion for communicating (which should be read as talking to everyone and never shutting up), I look forward to strengthening Connect’s brand in the market. We moved from South Africa to New Zealand in 2019 in search of the world’s best chocolate and found it in Whittakers Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. I love long walks on the beach and eating large amounts of ice cream with my family, but only in summer of course.

Mikayla Mackie

I am currently studying a conjoint degree of a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and a Bachelor of Business double majoring in Economics and Finance at Auckland University of Technology. I began working at Connect Security Products during my first year of university and have enjoyed learning about the integration of social media into a business and the ways to advance social media presence to better our engagement with customers. In my spare time I train in kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and am a big UFC fan!

Tupou Aonga

Before joining Connect Security Products, I enjoyed a long and happy – and very varied! – working career with Hills NZ Ltd. I started as a Sky Administrator, then moved through the ranks as Payroll Administrator, Planning/Purchasing Officer – and lastly, Warehousing Manager. In 2021 I came to run the Warehousing and Logistics team at Connect Security Products. I love my job, and look forward to furthering my knowledge of the security product portfolio, and embracing the logistic challenges that lie ahead. I enjoy working with the team here at CSP, and take on any obstacles that come my way with a smile!

Steve Puletama

I’ve been in the security industry for a little under 3 years working as trade counter sales & warehousing. I’ve dabbled a little in tech support but being a novice I’m really keen to grow my knowledge. I come from a mixed bag of goodies. Prior to now, I lived in the Goldy (AUS) for 13 years. I was a coffee roaster for 7 years, then a crane operator for 5.5 years after that, then we decide to move back home to the cold to educate my kids in the same cultural upbringing I had. A very mixed bag of goodies. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Connect Posse and looking forward to running amok with the crew. Aside from work my 3 pillars are Family, Food & Powerlifting. In that order.

Hasan HajAsad

I have been working with security systems for 15 years. I started with sales, moved on to installation, maintenance and operation management in CCTV, Access Control, fire and intrusion alarm systems, intercom and auto gates. Through all these years, I successfully managed many large-scale project in Saudi Arabia. I recently decided to move to New Zealand with my family and joined Connect to continue my journey and add new valuable experiences to it. People around me know that I am always there to give them a hand in fixing their technical issues. If asked about the favourite things to do in my free time, I’d say spending time with my lovely family!

James Cairns

I get these electronic security things, I even like them and I believe that they are capable of useful stuff. I have built, installed, programmed, supported, designed, implemented, specified and talked about electronic security technology in NZ, the UK and in Dubai for over 33 years. I enjoy rationalising IP Video surveillance technology, figuring out where it best fits, how it can solve real world business problems to provide you and your end users with the right solution first time. Based in Christchurch, I somehow still enjoy ultra distance bikepacking, racing multihull yachts and remain committed to remaining a life long avid one-eyed Canterbury supporter as well as a husband and father of two lads.

Justin Nicholls

I’ve spent my career in technical roles or industries. Spending the majority of it in Telecommunications, but transitioned to security about 3yrs ago. Supposedly you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I’ve enjoyed proving the contrary. Being technical and mechanically minded I enjoy getting stuck into the products and finding solutions that fit. In my spare time I’m either running around after the family, pets, or home renovations, and trying to find time to work on the project car. I keep reminding myself that if you finish a project car, you’ve done it wrong but it generally does keep me out of trouble.

Cameron Curry

I first started in security in 2003, working for both wholesalers & manufactures over that time, providing tech support and more recently sales. I’ve been exceptionally lucky to have travelled all over the world in my various rolls and have had the pleasure to interact with some fantastic characters over the last 21 years, providing support & security solutions for a number of projects. On a personal note, I’ve played hockey for 44 years, but have followed rugby for as long as I can remember. As I’m originally from Christchurch, I’m a passionate Crusaders supporter but nothing comes close to watching the All Blacks live at Eden Park.  

Jason Mackie

I have been actively involved in the electronic security industry since 1992, after completing an apprenticeship as an electrician. My career commenced when I started an electronic security integration company at aged 20 before selling it to a national integrator and moving to Auckland to start Security Systems, importing and distributing Detection Systems product. This company was partially acquired by Detections Systems in 1999, and subsequently Bosch in 2001. Between 2001-2010, I managed the Bosch Security business in New Zealand and was appointed a director for the entire Robert Bosch business in this country. In 2010 I acquired the business back from Bosch and Connect Security Products was born.


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