Conettix IP Reporting Setup for S2000 and S3000

The Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 support reporting in a number of ways and we have up to 4 report paths that can be programmed.

There are a number of steps to have Conettix IP Reporting  via the B426-M  module to a Base Station Receiver

First we must set the Transmission Format.

From Installation Manual:

Next we must set the Subscriber ID

Next there are a number of specific settings we must do to match the Base Station receiver settings

Note we can only setup Conettix IP reporting using Receiver 1 or Receiver 2  report paths.

If we have completed the above programming correctly and we have installed and programmed the B426-M module correctly to the system we should now be able to receive reports from the panel.

Because the panel has the B426-M IP module on it and is configured to be operational an End User would also be able to have and use the RSC+ App on their phone and receive both notifications and also control the system

The RSC+ APP for both IOS and Android allows a User to:

 ( See Alarm Notifications / Arm /Disarm / operate programmed Outputs / view the History Log)

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