Fault Analysis – Communication Fail/Receiver 3 & 4 Fail

Some installers may encounter strange Faults for Communication Fail for Receiver 3 or Receiver 4 while they do not have Receiver 3 or Receiver in the system. 

Please follow below steps to trouble shoot these faults:

(1) check the Transmission Format for Receiver 3 (Location: 1450) and Receiver 4 (Location: 1490) and make sure they are “0 – Not used”;

(2) if you install IP module (B426-M) or 3G GPRS module (B450-M + B443) in the system, please check the IP module or 3G GPRS module and make sure the Jumper is NOT on MODE – you should not see the BLUE led;

(3) if you only have one IP module, please do not enable cloud connection for IP module 2 – location 82 and location 7456.

After that, please do arm/disarm to configure the panel. Or you may need to do a power cycle on your panel.

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