Seeing History on the RSC+ App

The History will only be able to be seen if using the Mastercode when logging on to the panel in the App.

The History should “update” itself to show newer events when you first access it.

You can tell to update by pressing on the green circle above and it should retrieve any newer events.

You can then scroll your screen to review this log.

If I log in as a non-Master User I still see History in the list

But when I access it , it will be blank.

I can  try to retrieve the History,

But it will still be blank because nothing is allowed to be viewed.

This should be the same whether using Android or I-Phone device.

2 things to try would be:

  • Try a Power cycle on your panel.   This means remove AC power and the battery from the system, and the re-power and re-connect the battery.  You must then reset the Time and Date in your panel.
  • In the RSC+ app , delete the user profile you have created and then create it again.  You will need to scan the QR code or enter the UID data.

 The examples above are from an Android phone (S7)

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