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NOTICE – CS Products Account Changeover to Dicker Data NZ




As part of the acquisition of Connect Security Products by Dicker Data, we will be merging customer accounts into the Dicker Data accounting system from Monday the 1st of May 2023.


From that date customers will be invoiced from Dicker Data, and will have the benefit of purchasing from Dicker Data’s extensive catalogue of products.


We will also be changing our eCommerce platform to the much more advanced Dicker Data customer portal. This will provide a far superior experience than the current Connect website. Prior to the changeover, customers will be sent a new login.


Please see a list of FAQ’s below, but if you have any other questions please contact your local rep who will be pleased to help.



Q: Do I need to do anything to enable my Dicker Data (DDNZ) account?

A: No. We will automatically transfer it to DDNZ.

Q: Is there any change to my credit limit or payment terms?

A: No. Your current payment terms and credit limits will remain the same.

Q: Is there any change to the terms of trade?

A: Yes. You can view Dicker Data’s terms of trade here: All guarantees remain under Connect Security Products (now wholly owned by Dicker Data). We will eventually move these over to Dicker Data, with your permission.

Q: How do I access my web account?

A: We will be sending you a new login next week. Once you receive this you can access your account through the Dicker Data customer portal.