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Connect & DAS announce their partnership with AJAX Systems


SEN News – August 28, 2023

DAS Appointed AJAX Distributor For ANZ.

DAS Appointed AJAX Distributor – Dicker Data DAS has been appointed official ANZ distributor of AJAX Systems. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership combining the technical clout of AJAX with Dicker Data’s regional scale.

“The congruence of purpose with Dicker Data is pivotal and will further propel our expansion,” said Dmytro Shchebetenko, cluster director MEA, APAC at Ajax Systems.

“Dicker Data DAS shares our goals, and this helps us invest in our partners’ growth and expand further. Collaborating with Dicker Data isn’t just a business decision, it’s a symbiotic relationship that allows us to synergize our efforts and pool our expertise. This is a big step forward for Ajax as we keep growing.”

DAS Appointed AJAX Distributor For ANZ

Vlad Mitnovetski, Dicker Data’s executive director and chief operating officer said he was pleased to welcome AJAX Systems to the Dicker Data business in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are constantly searching for new and innovative brands to help our partner community differentiate and expand their offerings to meet the evolving needs of local markets,” Mitnovetski said.

“We believe the solutions offered by AJAX Systems are a strong fit for our existing intrusion and smart home partners, as well as for our IT partners working in this space.”

With 45 years of industry experience, Dicker Data has built a strong reputation for supporting its partner community and its intrusion and smart home and IT divisions offer value-added services that provide additional support to installers and integrators.

“We are very pleased to add AJAX Systems to the DAS portfolio for the ANZ market,” said James Layton, head of product at DAS.

“As a leading Australian distributor of security solutions, AJAX System’s mission and solutions reflect our standards, and we look forward to a promising partnership.”