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The True Purpose of Home Security, Bosch


“Prevention is better than a cure” is a common saying these days, and it applies equally to home security as it does to medicine or any number of other fields. With the falling price of technology, security cameras are becoming as much a part of home security as the venerable alarm system, but the question is – are we and Hollywood movies creating a false expectation? Do home owners expect police to turn up within a minute and the intruder to be caught every time?

Generally speaking, no offender commits a crime with the expectation of getting caught. They work largely opportunistically and will look to identify a target property that presents the greatest chance of getting in and away unnoticed. Burglars will typically look at a number of homes and are most likely to pick the easiest challenge.

Most house burglars will therefore avoid a home that has an obvious security system. And with security, the greater the number of security levels, the higher the chances they will move onto the next home of interest. The security levels may include a movement and/or door/window sensor alarm system, a video camera system, quality door and window locks, mesh window screens and similar, and even a dog.

Most of the true value of a home security system is therefore deterring an intruder from breaking in. However, with today’s technology there is much more you get for your money, when you buy an alarm and a video surveillance system.

With IP based systems and a free mobile app, you can monitor your home anytime, anywhere. First of all, this is useful when you get an alert from your intrusion alarm or a predetermined event set up in the system. You can quickly determine whether it is a false alarm or not.

Secondly, being able to log into your camera system and browse through the camera views one by one allows you to check whether the kids got home, if the promised delivery was made, and perhaps even whether you closed the garage door in the morning.

Thirdly, when on holidays, being able to check your home from time to time gives you peace of mind.

And of course, many alarm panels also offer mobile app control of equipment in your home such as lights, locks and air-conditioning. This is ideal on a hot day to cool house down before you get there, or for when you are running late and your mother-in-law for example is waiting in front of your house. You can go even further with compatible home automation devices and apps.

So, when looking at alarm and camera systems for your home do not think about the police and record-time arrests. Think about reducing the chances of a break-in and the modern creature-comforts and convenience a good electronic security system can offer.