Robin Series Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Camera

SKU: 862EX-P5-LE-F1433

VST-862 is a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor camera. It is capable of sending wireless signals and captured images (picture quality of up to 640 x 480 pixels) to the Control Panel upon movement detection. The PIR Camera is designed to give a typical detection range of 12 meters when mounted at 2 meters above the ground. For pet-immune models, a pet-immune range of 7 meters is provided, your household pets will not trigger a false alarm within this distance. For models that are compatible with Climax’s Repeater RP-29/Router RMB-29 (P5 models only), the RF communication range can be further extended into hard-to-reach areas. The PIR Camera consists of a two-part design made up of a cover and base. The cover contains all the electronics and optics and the base provides a means of fixing. The base has knockouts to allow mounting on either a flat surface or in a corner situation with a triangular bracket for corner mounting.

This camera PIR sensor provides two adjustable sensitivity levels: High and Normal to accommodate different environments. Its combination of top-quality color VGA/QVGA alarm images and optimum camera coverage ensures that all details vital to visual alarm verification are comprehensively and promptly notified to users.

Key Features
  • Wide camera field of view leaves no blind spots
  • Captures one, three, or six images when irregular presence is detected
  • Two adjustable sensitivity levels: High / Normal
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized sabotage

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