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Bosch Detector Tri-Tech 15m Outdoor

SKU: OD850F1

The OD850 Series TriTech detectors are for use outdoors and in other harsh environments. They use a combination of passive- infrared (PIR) and microwave detection with advanced signal processing.

The detectors process PIR signals with Motion Analyzer II signal processing and microwave signals with Linear Travel Distance (LTD) signal processing. The detectors can distinguish between small, repetitive motions such as tree limbs moving in the wind and the more purposeful motions of intruders. These advanced processing techniques and the
detectors’ mechanical design combine to provide superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions.

Key Features
  • Motion analyser ii PIR signal processing
  • Linear travel distance (LTD) microwave signal processing
  • Timed relay output adjustable from two sec to 10 min
  • AND/OR and Day/Night modes
  • Draft and insect immunity

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