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Thermal Temperature Measurement Terminal


Automatic Temperature Measurement – The terminal will take your forehead temperature automatically in seconds, whether you wear masks or not. The accuracy can reach ±0.5 degrees Celsius.

Voice Prompt – For those who are detected with normal body temperature, it will report “normal body temperature” and allow passing based on real-time facial recognition even  when they’re wearing face masks, or it will issue an alert and show the temperature reading in red if abnormal data is detected.

Contactless Detection – It performs contactless facial recognition and temperature detection from a distance of 0.3 meters to 0.5 meters, and offers liveness detection. The terminal can hold up to 24,000 facial images.


Access Control and Attendance – The terminal can also work as functions of smart access control, attendance and elevator control, etc., in order to improve the service level of property management department. With this good partner of disease prevention and control, let’s fight virus together!

Key Features
  • No direct people contact.
  • Small size many use cases. High reliability.
  • Accurate measurement to 0.5°C
  • High efficiency, support 20-30 people/min.
  • Support facial recognition with masks.
  • Read time of 0.8 seconds
  • Integral management database of upto 160,000 people and 24,000 images
  • Integration with standard access control systems.

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