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IndigoVision Incident Reporting Software

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Incident Reporting
• Quickly document security incidents in detail.
• Associate Control Center users, cameras, alarm events, and
audit log records with incident reports.
• Attach media including documents, audio, video, and more.

Audit Reports
• Turn audit logs into actionable intelligence to identify insider
threats or misuse of security systems.
• Protect sensitive data by highlighting unauthorized activity
and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Health Reports
• Ensure system-wide monitoring coverage by reporting on
devices which aren’t monitored by device fault detectors.
• Keep device firmware up-to-date to improve security and
• Maintain time synchronization.
• Gain system-wide visibility of camera and recording status.

CyberVigilant Reports
• Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Dashboard quickly identifies
activity which may be related to potential compromise or
• Correlate CyberVigilant data with audit logs to defend against
cyber attacks.

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