Bosch Solution 6000 WIFI Kit, CP741B, 2x Tritech PIR’s, Bat70, Polycarb SAT9C, Piezo


The Solution 6000 control panel provides up to 144 separate zones of protection. Zone programming determines the panel’s response to open/short and tamper conditions on the zone loop. The Control panel supports up to 8 separate areas. You can assign all zones to a single area, or you can assign each zone to a combination of different areas. The Control panel has a built in dialer to send reports to the receiving party. Panel supports 16 fully supervised Keypads. Panel can be programmed by a Keypad or using a Personal Computer using the Solution Link Upload/Download Software.

Key Features
  • 1 x Solution 6000
  • 1 x CP741B Bosch Bosch 6000 Graphic WIFI Keypad (White)
  • 1 x BAT70 Battery LA 12v 7.0ah
  • 1 x PS209RF MISC Siren Internal Piezo Round Flush Mount
  • 1 x SAT9C CSP CSP External Polycarbonate with PCB
  • 2 x ISC-BDL2-WP12G Bosch Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Pet Immune Tritech 12m x 12m

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