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Security Advisory: IP Camera Vulnerabilities


We would like to inform you about five recently discovered security vulnerabilities that affect Bosch IP cameras with firmware version 7.10, 7.60, 7.61, 7.62, 7.70, 7.72, 7.73, 7.75, 7.76 and 7.80 prior to B128, i.e. cameras running on CPP4, CPP6, CPP7, CPP7.3 and CPP13.

A detailed overview of the affected versions can be found in the attached Security Advisory.

Please read the attached updated letter for further details.

Bosch strongly recommend that users are informed, and cameras are updated to a fixed version, immediately. Users can download the firmware via the Bosch download store.

If an immediate firmware update is not possible, we advise users to refer to section four “Solution & Mitigations” of the Security Advisory.

For further infromation, please refer to the Security Advisory website.

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