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IndigoVision Control Center 18.0 is now available


IndigoVision Control Center 18.0 is now available

The new features introduce edge-based AI technologies, enabling organizations to drastically improve situational awareness and enhance response times.

Key Benefits:

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD)

UAD and UMD provide site-wide intelligence using advanced AI technology. Where UAD is able to detect atypical activities, such as people or vehicles moving at an unusual speed, UMD is designed to continuously learn what typical activities in a scene look like and flags an unusual event. Together, these technologies help to ensure that critical incidents do not go unnoticed.  

Network Video Recorder (NVR) footage retrieval

Specifically designed for smaller NVRs which leave a central site or have intermittent connectivity to it (e.g., moving vehicles which have their own cameras), this enables the recordings on the source NVR to be transferred to a larger, central destination NVR.

Full Opus Support

Security Operators can now speak and listen to the camera audio using cameras offering Opus support, both live and during playback. They can also send pre-recorded messages in Opus format, either manually, on-demand, or automatically in response to an alarm or activation.

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