Solution 2000/3000 – Configuration Guide for Email Reporting

Here is the setting up guide for Email Reporting with B426-M or B450-M+B443 for Solution 2000/3000 using A-Link Plus.

(1) Click “Control Panel Configuration”;

(2) Click “Receiver Config” under “Comm”;

(3) Select Comm -> Receiver Config -> Transmit Format, select Email;
     Select Comm -> Receiver Config -> Subscriber ID Number, enter Email title with consist of 6 numbers;

     Select Comm -> Receiver Config -> IP + Port / Email, enter email address of the recipient.

(1) Click “Control Panel Configuration”;

(2) Click “Network Config” under “Comm”;

(3) Select Module 1 or Module 2 as “Use and configure” or “Use, B4xx-M”.

(1) Click “Control Panel Configuration”;

(2) Select Network module programming -> Module 1 (or 2) -> Mail Information;

(3) Enter email information. Take the sender as for example, :
– Partial mail server name / url :
– Mail server port: 465
– Partial ail server user name:
– Mail server password: (enter current password)
– Security options: Encrypted

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